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SIDS & Kids Friendly - Safe Sleeping

After a rigorous review by SIDS & Kids of the quality, effectiveness and safety profile of our products, Protect-A-Bed® are enormously proud to be officially recognised as SIDS & Kids Friendly.

Protect-A-Bed® Baby and Infant products, as well as our single, king single, and extra long single Mattress Protectors, proudly display the SIDS & Kids Friendly logo.

We have produced a range of brochures and an app, in conjunction with SIDS & Kids, which cover safe sleeping practices.

The brochure covers SIDS & Kids Safe Sleeping, and cot to bed safety, to download the brochure's PDF, click here. 

The app provides new and expectant parents, carers, and health care professionals with vital information on how to sleep baby safely, reducing the risk of sudden unexpected death in infants, and fatal sleeping accidents. Download the app through either the App Store or Google Play.