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Sleeptime Secrets

A problem shared, is a problem solved, and some secrets are too delicious not to share.

In 2014, thousands of Australian and overseas visitors were introduced to our first ever Sleeptime Secrets pop-up site.

Our giant, eye-catching blue bed was an unmissable magnet as Sydney-siders and Melbournians entered our confession booths at First Fleet Park and Federation square.

Visitors wrote their secrets on cards which were then pegged under the bed.

It seems all our secrets are indeed universal and affect us all - at every age, stage and place.

The response to our Sleeptime Secrets campaign was a reaffirming reminder that the Protect·A·Bed ® range of waterproof mattress, pillow and quilt protectors are still providing a healthier, more comfortable sleep environment.


Share your secret below, because a problem shared, is a problem solved.