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Finding Your Underwear Size

by James Blewett April 10, 2024

Let's ensure your underwear fits perfectly. We all want well-fitting and comfy undies especially when it comes to continence wear. No one wants to deal with bad fits, right? Let’s dive into how to get your measurements just right.

Measuring your Waist

Measuring your wait is easier than you might think. Find your natural waistline—this is the sweet spot below your rib cage and above your hips. Hold your measuring tape on the left side of your waist and wrap it around your rear to the right side of your waist. Then loop it back to the left (it should be a circle). Ta-da! You’ve got your waist measurement.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to find your waist measurement.

Now that you have your waist measurement finding your perfect fit on our underwear size charts is a breeze. If you’re between sizes, we say go for the smaller one, as our undies have plenty of stretch, and you don’t want them to feel loose.

Women's Size Chart


Men's Size Chart

James Blewett
James Blewett