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Product Care

Protect-A-Bed Product Care

All Protect-A-Bed® protectors are easy and convenient to launder. Always follow the sewn-in instruction tag on your individual product in the first instance.

Washing Advice

Wash and tumble dry with other linens, as not doing so can cause blistering to the Miracle Membrane®.

Best washed before first use.

Best washed monthly, or when cleaning other linens. 

Before washing a zippered pillow protector open the zip completely. For a fully encased mattress protector, close the zip to about 30cm.

Please DO NOT use any solvents or bleach, bleach alternatives, non-chlorine bleach or any bleach by-products in the detergent, as this will damage the polyurethane backing.

Wash at 60ºC to kill bacteria and dust mites.

Drying Advice

Line dry your protector over a washing line span to maximise air flow and reduce drying time.

When machine drying, tumble together with other bed linen or towels on a medium setting. Dry at 60ºC for best results. 

Careful drying will prevent blistering of the polyurethane backing. If blisters do form from overheating, please discontinue using the protector as these blisters will split and result in loss of waterproofing ability and possible voiding of any valid product warranty.

Storing your Protector

Your protector is best stored along with other linen in a cool dry cupboard.

Check protectors are thoroughly dry before folding and/or putting away.

When handling your protector, take care not to damage the waterproofing on anything sharp.



Follow these instructions and you will enjoy many years of protection for your mattresses, quilts and pillows.