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How to Fit Your Protectors

Fitting your Protect-A-Bed® Protector

Recommendations for Complete Protection

To start, strip any existing linen off the mattress and fit your electric blanket first, so that it is protected.

Bed Base Encasement: For total protection against bed bugs and dust mites. Download instructions here. 

Fully Encased Mattress Protector: For total protection, and severe allergy and asthma sufferers, use a Fully Encased Mattress Protector. Place your fitted mattress protector over the top, for ease of use and laundering. Download instructions here. 

Fitted Mattress Protector: Place over the top of a Fully Encased Mattress Protector, if applicable. When using a fitted mattress protector, place the Miracle Membrane® face down on your mattress, and ensure that the protector seams align with the edges of the mattress as closely as possible. Move around the bed tucking the protector sides as deeply and firmly under the mattress as you possibly can. 

Linen Protector: Make night time accidents easier for everyone. Single linen protectors spans the midsection of the bed, tucking in at the sides, so there is no need to change the entire bedding and linen, if an accident occursDownload instructions here. 

Pillow Protectors: Available in a wide range of materials, with a zippered closure. 

Next, make up all your other linen as you usually would: fitted sheet (not required with any Tencel® products, as you can sleep directly on the hypoallergenic surface), top sheets, blankets, quilt, or other coverings.